Hello everyone, I already miss seeing you and your kids! The situation in Ontario is getting worse by the day as many more people are getting infected. Ontario's government suggested to shut down all non essential businesses and services. It is probably best for the safety and well being of all Ontario citizens. I will be complying to this rule 100%. I will not be able to see you for the next two weeks, probably more. I will teach all of the missed classes as soon as it is safe to continue. If students are not allowed to come back to school till September, I will start classes in September as well. You will be covered for the first three months back starting September. Hopefully by staying at home we will curb the spread of the virus and will be able to return to our regular schedule.

I might be teaching lessons online for the time being. 

Please check regularly for updates and schedules. 

Just keep in mind that every month it is only 4 h of class time for 1 h students, we should be able to catch up fairly fast if we are back to school in May. Please understand that this is my only job/source  of income and I do not qualify for any unemployment insurances. This time is also very difficult for me as for you. I hope all of you were able to keep your jobs and business trough this rough time. I will try my best to work with you and provide my services with integrity as I have done over the last 10 years. 

I thank you once again for understanding.


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