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Art Lessons are available at my in home studio.

We meet once a week for a designated amount of time, minimum commitment 5 months, 1 semester :



Spaces are limited! Serious students only.

Many of my students were admitted to art oriented high schools and universities.

Start building your portfolio early, develop skills and succeed!   


General Art Lessons:

Due to corona virus, there is no set schedule. Please contact me directly so we can arrange time for your child.

 3/4 kids per group only. There is time in between classes to air the place out and disinfect desks. I will try to arrange groups so there is no two groups per day, if possible. 

Please let the kids wear a cloth mask.

I will be wearing a cloth mask myself 

Thank you for understanding

Classes are available for purchase in a minimum

4 classes package. 

1h class                     25$, 100 per 4

1.5h class                  30$, 120per 4

2h class                     40$, 160 per 4

paid by E-mail transfer

I offer student and professional grade art supplies

​All of the  art supplies are provided

Thank you.

Adult lessons are drop in at $50.00 per lesson minimum purchase of 4 lessons

Most of the supplies provided 

1 Trial class is available at 25$ 

Thank you